Stage 14: Stockholm

29.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

Today was more meandering around Stockholm. Originally we were going to drive to Oslo today, but having to go to Copenhagen tomorrow would only leave us the 1 night in Oslo and with an over 7 hour drive to get there, it really didn’t make…

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Stage 13: Stockholm

28.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

Today Kim and I were joined by a 3rd Baltic Hero for the remainder of the rally! Our Canadian friend Romanda from Mongol Rally team 3 Blondes and a Beater is now living in London and will be joining us for the next couple of…

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Stage 12: Umeå -> Stockholm

27.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

Because we had bitten off such a large chunk of driving yesterday, we were able to easily arrive in Stockholm by 6pm and check into our 2nd Airbnb experience.  Awesome flat on the top floor of a brick building amongst the Abrahamsberg neighborhood outside the…

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Stage 11: Nordkapp -> Umeå

26.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

We knew we were in for a long drive today… over 1,000km.  It was hard to imagine just how long that would be though.  Just about 18 hours exactly.  Slow descent from the cape. Quicker pass through Finland.  Rain and harsher roads in Sweden.  I…

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Stage 10: Inari -> Nordkapp

25.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

Beautiful drive to Nordkapp (aka the North Cape) today. It wasn’t that far in distance, but it took us most of the day… very windy road, the E6 and E69, up to the cape.  We drove a nearly 7km tunnel over 200 meters under the…

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Stage 9: Oulu -> Inari

24.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

Another 600km today and what a stunning drive it was.  Cruising along the millions of lakes and rivers that carve out the Finnish landscape, we were pointed mostly north or north-east the whole day.  We crossed the Arctic Circle and paid a visit to Santa’s…

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Stage 8: Helsinki -> Oulu

23.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

Drove over 600km today to Oulu, Finland.  Camping out tonight near a beach on the Baltic Sea, the kids are partying late into the midsummer night with massive bass coming from a dance party on the beach.  It’s 11pm and no sign of the sun…

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Rally Week One

22.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

I have spent most of my time online keeping the maps and photos updated, so the daily posts have been brief. There have been tons of thoughts running through my head that I’ve wanted to get written down, but by the end of the day…

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