Stage 9: Oulu -> Inari

24 Jun 2012, by Brian in Culture, Locale

Another 600km today and what a stunning drive it was.  Cruising along the millions of lakes and rivers that carve out the Finnish landscape, we were pointed mostly north or north-east the whole day.  We crossed the Arctic Circle and paid a visit to Santa’s Village just outside Rovaniemi… slightly cheesy, but a very cool milestone to cross nonetheless.  We met up with several other rally teams at the radio tower of Inari, our road book mission for the day.  To be honest, we haven’t done too many of the missions, mostly since we didn’t go to Russia, but the view of Lake Inari from the top of the hill where this radio tower stood was jaw dropping.  The rally driving up the gravel road to get there wasn’t half bad either.  I think I got some great shots, which I’m about to edit now, although you’ll have to wait for them… I’m stuck on the 2G data my phone provides right now, so until we get back to civilization photos will be whatever I can tweet from my phone.


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