January 2011

Four Days in Reykjavik

18.01.2011 in Uncategorized

We tried not to let the jet lag get to us.  Flying to Reykjavik is just as far as flying to New York we told ourselves… ok maybe just little bit longer.  Except New York is not on GMT! It didn’t help that, after arriving…

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14.01.2011 in Uncategorized

I edge my way closer to the bar at the incredibly crowded b5 Lounge, too hesitantly for the Icelander next to me. I’d been told Reykjavikers are known for their directness, so I try not to be too surprised when he motions towards the bar…

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Land of Fire and Ice

13.01.2011 in Uncategorized

Having just jaunted off across Europe and Asia this summer, we almost feel guilty taking another trip so soon… almost being the key word. After all, the Mongol Rally is not exactly a vacation as much as it’s a test of endurance and cunning.  And…

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