Four Days in Reykjavik

18 Jan 2011, by Brian in Uncategorized

We tried not to let the jet lag get to us.  Flying to Reykjavik is just as far as flying to New York we told ourselves… ok maybe just little bit longer.  Except New York is not on GMT!

It didn’t help that, after arriving at our hotel at 7:30am in the pitch black of night, and napping until 10:30am, the sun was just coming up to grant us the few hours of daylight with which we could see the town. Reykjavik is tiny, and it didn’t take us long to walk across the frozen lake in the center of town and cover most of the shopping on Bankastraeti & Laugavegur.

We grabbed a drink at Prikið, supposedly the oldest pub in Iceland, and were treated to the televised international handball championships, at which Iceland was mopping up the competition.  A dinner at Fish & Chips, and then the legendary Runtur, and we were wiped out after just 1 day.

With only a few days to enjoy though, we couldn’t just sleep our way through the entire weekend.  So we rallied at sunrise (hah, 10:30am!) on Saturday and explored the city and shopped some more.  The Northern Lights tour on Saturday night didn’t produce any lights for us, but it was fun to drive out into the countryside at night and see the stars and frozen water falls under the full moon and far away from the city lights.

Sunday had us up actually early (before sun rise) to head out to see geysers, waterfalls, and Thingvellir – the continental rift splitting Iceland in half.  The geological beauty of Iceland is undeniable, and it was really gorgeous under snow fall, but we couldn’t help wondering how beautiful it would be in the summer… something we’ll have to discover in the future!

Monday, our last day before flying home, had us relaxing at the geothermal spas at the Blue Lagoon on our way to the airport.  We floated in 100+ degree water with silica mud on our faces as the steam rose into 20 degree air around us.

It was fast. It was fun.  We can’t wait to go back.



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