Rick Steves Podcast

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On Saturday, August 13th, 2011 – Travel With Rick Steves aired our interview about the Mongol Rally! Christine from Just A Steppe Away and I met Rick at his studio late last year to record the interview and now it’s available for you all to…

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Old Trips and New Trips

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Kim and I are rapidly (maybe rabidly) packing to depart on a two week camping trip through the Great White North (Canada ‘eh!).  Today we’re on our way to Spokane (aka Spokanistan), wine tasting and Coeur D’Alene tomorrow, and then north up to Calgary, Banff,…

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Four Days in Reykjavik

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We tried not to let the jet lag get to us.  Flying to Reykjavik is just as far as flying to New York we told ourselves… ok maybe just little bit longer.  Except New York is not on GMT! It didn’t help that, after arriving…

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I edge my way closer to the bar at the incredibly crowded b5 Lounge, too hesitantly for the Icelander next to me. I’d been told Reykjavikers are known for their directness, so I try not to be too surprised when he motions towards the bar…

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Land of Fire and Ice

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Having just jaunted off across Europe and Asia this summer, we almost feel guilty taking another trip so soon… almost being the key word. After all, the Mongol Rally is not exactly a vacation as much as it’s a test of endurance and cunning.  And…

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Back In Seattle

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Our Mongol Rally ended just over two weeks ago as we pulled into Ulaan Baatar and donated our two tiny Fiat Puntos to The Adventurists For Development. It’s taken a while for all of us to get home, to get over our jet lag, and…

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Back in UB

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[xmlgm {http://rally.roamgreen.org/wp-content/content/maps/bhmongolia.kmz} ] I feel like I should post a ton of photos from the last few days, but it’s 3am and there are a couple thousand to go through and edit… at this point it’s looking like you all get more photos when I…

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Gobi Breakdown

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It’s 8:30 at night, the sun has already gone down, and I’m chasing a Russian jeep through the Gobi desert with rally fog lights and high beams lighting a path over rocks and sand berms just begging to take me out for good.  I find…


Together Again In UB

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Quick update: After several more hours wrestling Mongolian customs bureaucracy yesterday morning, we finally cleared at about 1pm and raced towards Ulaan Baatar.  We entered the city at about 6pm, navigated this huge maze of traffic and finally arrived at the guesthouse Kim had arranged…