Old Trips and New Trips

13 Aug 2011, by Brian in Uncategorized

Kim and I are rapidly (maybe rabidly) packing to depart on a two week camping trip through the Great White North (Canada ‘eh!).  Today we’re on our way to Spokane (aka Spokanistan), wine tasting and Coeur D’Alene tomorrow, and then north up to Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise and westward until we get to Whistler.  Our lack of planning is leading to a late departure today (what am I doing on the computer!?!).

We can’t help but look back to 1 year ago… making our separate journeys to Mongolia, Kim was camped out in Turkey after her passport was stolen, and I was somewhere on the Caspian Sea between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan melting in unbearable heat.

You can relive that journey with us today by tuning into Rick Steves on your local NPR station! Rick interviewed me several months ago and the show is airing today.

Travel With Rick Steves airs at 2pm PDT on your local NPR affiliate. There are several ways you can tune in:

– Find your local NPR station and listen live http://www.ricksteves.com/radio/whereitairs.htm

– Listen Live online via KUOW’s website http://www.kuow.org/

– Subscribe to Rick Steves podcast and download the show after Saturday at http://podcasts.ricksteves.com/ricksteves.xml

I will post this to the website as well, so you can always come back to rally.roamgreen.org and listen later.

Ok, seriously, I gotta finish packing and get in the car!

As Rick would say, Happy Travels!


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