Baatar Hero Mongolia

Baatar Hero Rides Again?

07.09.2022 in Culture, Locale

It’s been a minute, right? When last we met, I was catching you up on a podcast episode musing travel philosophy and recounting our drive to South America which somehow has no posts after… Mexico! What gives? Where did 6 years go? We settled back…

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No Tengo Presidente

This Must Be The Place

07.02.2017 in Culture, People

Last weekend I recorded a podcast with a former co-worker talking about travel, politics, and crafting an adventurous life. Weaving somewhat diverse topics from my background into a common thread made for a fun discussion with Eric, and I hope you enjoy listening to it…

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Tope Is A Four Letter Word

08.11.2015 in Culture, Locale

Having survived Hurricane Patricia, or, at least all the fuss surrounding her, we caravanned back to Puerto Vallarta with Ernesto and Taisa, taking a slightly different route via San Blas where we stopped for lunch, and stopping in Sayulita once again on the way for…

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Return to Reykjavik

18.02.2013 in Culture, Locale

6 months… 6 years… we are spoiled, but the time that passed since our epic Baltic adventure felt more like the latter.  The infectious itch to get away was back, and it needed to be scratched! A few contributing factors also increased the likelihood of…

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Copenhagen Chill

01.07.2012 in Culture, Locale

Waking early despite the late night out, I knew immediately that yesterday’s slightly scratchy throat was more than allergies or lack of sleep. I thought maybe a couple cups of the hibiscus tea in our apartment’s cupboard would sooth it, or maybe the eucalyptus läckerol…

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Stage 14: Stockholm

29.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

Today was more meandering around Stockholm. Originally we were going to drive to Oslo today, but having to go to Copenhagen tomorrow would only leave us the 1 night in Oslo and with an over 7 hour drive to get there, it really didn’t make…

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Stage 13: Stockholm

28.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

Today Kim and I were joined by a 3rd Baltic Hero for the remainder of the rally! Our Canadian friend Romanda from Mongol Rally team 3 Blondes and a Beater is now living in London and will be joining us for the next couple of…

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Stage 12: Umeå -> Stockholm

27.06.2012 in Culture, Locale

Because we had bitten off such a large chunk of driving yesterday, we were able to easily arrive in Stockholm by 6pm and check into our 2nd Airbnb experience.  Awesome flat on the top floor of a brick building amongst the Abrahamsberg neighborhood outside the…

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