Some “Bizarre Food” in Mongolia

10.05.2010 in Culture

“It’s a far away land of meat, meat, and more meat!”  That’s  how the host of The Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” started out this week’s episode about Mongolia.  I admit, I was both excited and a little apprehensive about watching.  I’ve watched Mr. Zimmern eat…


Recommended Reading

17.04.2010 in Culture

We’ve been doing a lot of research for the trip and have enjoyed most of the reading and some video during our prep.  You all might enjoy these as well, and have a better sense of what we’ll be experiencing along our route if you…


Happy Mongolian New Year

11.02.2010 in Culture

This Sunday marks Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian New Year.  To celebrate, our new friend and rally mechanic adviser, Muugi, from Seattle Mongols put together a traditional wrestling tournament at the nearby Bitter Lake Community Center last weekend.  With a little help from our friend Glenn…

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Party Success!

07.12.2009 in Culture

We had such a great time Friday night at our kickoff Holiday Party and Fundraiser! Friends, new and old, and family all joined us at Roq La Rue to celebrate with wine and music.  We presented our plan and everybody donated generously to help us…

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A Horse Race in Mongolia

27.11.2009 in Culture

Archery, wrestling, and several hundred miles of horse racing… every July the Naadam Festival takes place all over Mongolia. These are the 3 “manly” sports… although the jockeys in the horse races are exclusively children, and the chestless wrestling uniform exists to keep women from…

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Alcoholism in Mongolia

14.11.2009 in Culture

Lousia Lim examines the long lasting effect cheap alcohol, used as a tool for colonizing Mongolia by both the Russians and Chinese, has had on the country’s culture and economy. Alcoholism in Mongolia // Current Subprime Herders in Mongolia // Current

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Subprime Herders in Mongolia

05.11.2009 in Culture

Mongolia may seem like one of the most remote places on the planet, but it still couldn’t escape the reach of sub-prime lending. Even as the IMF declares the worst of the global recession is over, and the economy starts to rebound here at home,…

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Ninja Miners of Mongolia

29.10.2009 in Culture

NPR recently had a week long series on Mongolia that I wrote a little bit about on Each day of the series focused on a different aspects of the Mongolian culture or economy. I’m going to repost one of these articles each week for…

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Khoomei-Taiko Project

26.10.2009 in Culture

Last night Baatar Hero witnessed an awesome and rare performance. We went to a World Affairs Council Global Classroom event at Town Hall to learn a little more about Mongolia, and my expectations were blown away.  Our evening began with a presentation for local teachers…

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Summer In Spain

19.06.2008 in Culture, Locale, People

Eight years after our first journey around Europe Kim and I are making a rare *return* trip to a place we’ve already been to! A couple of them even. When friends of ours announced they were going to be married in Spain we jumped at…

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