Together Again In UB

29 Aug 2010, by Brian in Uncategorized

Quick update: After several more hours wrestling Mongolian customs bureaucracy yesterday morning, we finally cleared at about 1pm and raced towards Ulaan Baatar.  We entered the city at about 6pm, navigated this huge maze of traffic and finally arrived at the guesthouse Kim had arranged after 7pm.

We are finally all together again, taking a day of downtime to recuperate and evaluate what we want to get out of this next week.  Will post more update later, but wanted to let everybody know we’re here.

Cell phone does not work in Mongolia, so txt message updates to eKit & map won’t work… we’ll be using WiFi and sat modem for updates until we get back to Seattle.

We are in UB, Mongolia, but the adventure is not over yet!

  • Christine Reply

    Oooohhhhhhhhhh my gosh. I can’t imagine your journey. I would be in bed for a year. You will have something to talk about when you are my age. Amy’s MOM

  • Sarah Reply

    Yay! Enjoy the last leg of the journey! !

  • Rob Reply

    Congratulations!! Now maybe Tom will start shaving again.


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