One Year Rally Anniversary and Rick Steves Radio Interview

13 Aug 2011, by Brian in Uncategorized

Baatar Hero fans and friends!

Yes, it is true, our Mongol Rally adventure is already over 1 year old and we look back nostalgically at the same time as this year’s rally is under way.   We’ve been fielding questions from this year’s teams and relaying our stories of derring-do.  For example, 1 year ago this week we arrived in Baku having braved the Azerbaijersey countryside and its extortionate “law enforcement”:

This year’s teams will soon be driving through the Mongolian Gobi desert, visiting Mercy Corps aid sites supported by the amazing fund raising you all helped us achieve last year.  All of you and our sponsors donated almost $15,000 in cash and over $5,000 in vehicle auction and equipment donations… over an amazing $20,000 total for Mercy Corps, 4 times our original goal, and the biggest fund raising team for Mercy Corps in the 2010 Mongol Rally!

We wanted to take this milestone opportunity to thank you again for your amazing support, and remind you that you can relive some of the adventure with us this Saturday, August 13th.  Earlier this year Rick Steves recorded an interview with Brian and another Seattle rallier, Christine from Just A Steppe Away, whom we caravaned with.  That interview is airing on Travel With Rick Steves this weekend!

Travel With Rick Steves airs at 2pm PDT on your local NPR affiliate. There are several ways you can tune in:

– Find your local NPR station and listen live

– Listen Live online via KUOW’s website

– Subscribe to Rick Steves podcast and download the show after Saturday at

I will post this to the website as well, so you can always come back to and listen later.

As Rick would say, Happy Travels!

Team Baatar Hero
Kim | Brian | Jean | Tom | Amy | Yasmin


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