Stage 10: Inari -> Nordkapp

25 Jun 2012, by Brian in Culture, Locale

Beautiful drive to Nordkapp (aka the North Cape) today. It wasn’t that far in distance, but it took us most of the day… very windy road, the E6 and E69, up to the cape.  We drove a nearly 7km tunnel over 200 meters under the sea to get to the island that the North Cape is one.  Reindeer all over and unbelievable landscape.  It’s like somebody went crazy building a level on Age of Empires or Civilization… mountains crash straight into the sea, fresh water lakes sit in pools at multiple levels, rough scrub and heather clinging to sharp rocks.  The typical cape fog broke for about 10 minutes for us to reveal rolling clouds in the distance illuminated by the sun.  I could just imagine vikings looking at this and envisioning Thor and Odin pounding mugs of øl in Valhalla.  The view from the cape was ok, but the view *of* the cape from our camp site was spectacular.  We hiked up to the highest hill we could find to see the cape and the town below.  Our walk back took us through a herd of reindeer, and then to party with the rest of the rally teams until late.  At midnight we celebrated the birthday of one of the French team, Baltic Patrol!  After that we quickly huddled in our tent for a brief sleep before heading out on our long drive back down south.  Cold, wet, harsh, this was not luxurious Finnish camping, this was Nordkapp camping, the northernmost camping in the world! So they say…


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