Stage 8: Helsinki -> Oulu

23 Jun 2012, by Brian in Culture, Locale

Drove over 600km today to Oulu, Finland.  Camping out tonight near a beach on the Baltic Sea, the kids are partying late into the midsummer night with massive bass coming from a dance party on the beach.  It’s 11pm and no sign of the sun going down yet.  The mosquitoes here are *epic*.  Our mozzy repellent burst in the duffel bag in the plane on the way over… so we figure the coating it gave the tent would be helpful.  They don’t seem phased.  Maybe it wore off already.  We just doubled up on repellent and skeeter coils.  If we do not post again tomorrow, you know what happened to us. We were sucked dry and left wrinkled corpses on a Finnish beach… damned vampires.


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