Incheon Our Way There

05.10.2007 in Culture, Locale

It could have been excitement, nerves, or maybe the fact that I had a lot to do still at the last minute, but I haven’t been able to sleep much for the past few days. This could have contributed to the poorly timed cold I’m…

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Around The World In 40 Days

01.10.2007 in Culture, Locale

Or close to it anyway… Ever since our 10 week excursion around Europe Kim and I have longed to take a more extended vacation.  Not that we haven’t had a good time on our long weekends. We just want to explore the cultures in places…

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Yucatan Adventure

05.09.2005 in Culture, Locale

Four years after we got married Kim and I returned to the Caribbean to see Mayan ruins… our side trip to Havana would show us more ruins, but of the 20th century in disrepair variety.  First we circled the Yucatan peninsula from flat beaches through…

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Wine Country And Peaches

01.06.2005 in Culture, Locale

We had so much fun on our long weekend in New York last fall that we wanted to do something like that again in San Francisco… again, Kim had been and I never had. It was a quick trip for an extended weekend, but we…

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Winter In Whistler

23.01.2005 in Locale

Kim and I had driven up to Whistler several times during the summer to go hiking and mountain biking before, but never during the winter for skiing.  Now that I started snowboarding and a bunch of our friends were going we shared a plush condo…

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GOP Convention 2004

08.09.2004 in Culture, Locale

We went to New York  in September of 2004 and we were there just in time to catch some of the madness surrounding the GOP National Convention.  We tried to get close to the action, but NYPD shut down several subway stops and cordoned off…

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New York

04.09.2004 in Locale

Kim longed to revisit New York and I had never been… among other things I managed to take in a local hardcore show while Kim spotted celebs shopping in Greenwich. Check out some great photos and video until we recount this trip in more detail….

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Intelligence And Sacrifice

01.11.2002 in Culture, Locale, People

I played guitar in a band for 4 years that was starting to become recognized in 2002 when we earned a spot on a Digital Hardcore Recordings compilation. When I lobbied Alec Empire (founder) to let us open for his solo tour in the UK…

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No Problem, It’s Jamaica

16.08.2001 in Culture, Locale

After Kim and I were married in July, 2001, we jetted off to the Rockhouse in Negril, Jamaica for our honeymoon. We’ll have more to say about this trip when we get a chance, but for now just enjoy some of the photos:

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Going Dutch

05.06.2000 in Culture, Locale, People

The plane is beginning its descent to Sea-Tac and we are almost home. Our last week in Europe was spent enjoying the hospitality of friends in Holland. After our very last night train (and perhaps one of the worst) we met Willem in Rotterdam and…

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Getting High In Switzerland

27.05.2000 in Culture, Locale

Last week, after thoroughly soaking up Venice and Italy, we got on the train early and found our way to Interlaken, Switzerland. What an amazing change of scenery. After all the big cities we’ve been to it was nice to be on one of the…

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