Leaving Valencia

07.07.2008 in Uncategorized

IMG00311.jpg Originally uploaded by autarken Decided to take snaps of every airport we’re leaving on this trip… here is our Spanair flight out of Valencia to Barcelona. — mobile mail sent via phone

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Live From The Field

07.07.2008 in Uncategorized

Last few days have been exciting and exhausting. We’ve been promised they don’t party like this all the time, but Valencianos in particular have a reputation for fiesta that they haven’t disproven since we’ve been here. After pigging out on paella we roasted in the…

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Wedding In Valencia

06.07.2008 in Uncategorized

Wedding In Valencia Originally uploaded by autarken I just finished uploading photos from my phone (gprs slow here in Picassent) from the wedding… more and better quality pics from our cameras to follow when we get a chance (maybe not til we get home, we’ll…

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Llegamos en Valencia

04.07.2008 in Uncategorized

Llegamos en Valencia Originally uploaded by autarken Finally, feels like vacation. We arrived in Valencia this morning, were picked up by Ernesto, then grabbed Emily and Jean @ their hotel, taken to an horchateria and given a tour of Valencia. After meeting Ernesto’s whole family…

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Another Day Another Airport

03.07.2008 in Uncategorized

Another Day Another Airport Originally uploaded by autarken After catching a few hours of sleep last night we are on our way again, this time @ Gatwick airport in London… destination: Valencia, Spain. Our EasyJet plane is so cute! — mobile mail sent via phone

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Hurry Up And Wait

02.07.2008 in Uncategorized

Of course it was a mad dash home… pick up the dog… prepare the travel docs we’d put off to the last minute… shower/shave… oh yeah, pack! We made good time to the airport though. Almost too good, and now we have time to kill…

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Summer In Spain

19.06.2008 in Culture, Locale, People

Eight years after our first journey around Europe Kim and I are making a rare *return* trip to a place we’ve already been to! A couple of them even. When friends of ours announced they were going to be married in Spain we jumped at…

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Helping Tibet Again – Progress In Action

15.05.2008 in Culture, People

To follow up Kim’s post about what we can all do to help out the situation in Tibet… we called and emailed our representatives and senators and now there is legislation drafted in the US Senate for action to be taken! I haven’t read the…

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Pink City Turns Red

14.05.2008 in Locale

One of the great rewards we’ve gained from traveling around the world is a sense of identification with the places we’ve been too, even if briefly (like 4 days in Morocco or Cuba). It’s one thing to talk about the people or politics of a…

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Obama Bus Down To P-town

27.04.2008 in Locale, People

I’m an unlikely volunteer for the Democratic party. I was a Nader voter and a Deaniac, and often find myself to the left of the mainstream Democratic agenda. I did throw a Rock The Vote registration and benefit show with the help of some laptop…

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Sowing Seeds With The Dalai Lama

14.04.2008 in Culture, People

It’s probably obvious from our posts about Tibet that Kim and I were both profoundly impacted by the landscape, people and culture we experienced on our journey through the Himalayas. What may not be as obvious is that we’ve long had a fascination with Tibet…

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How You Can Help Tibet

14.03.2008 in Culture

The Government of Tibet in Exile has posted this page on what we can do to help Tibet. There are articles on the importance of writing letters and why you should write to your congressional representative/senator/MP/etc. We have sent out the following messages to our…

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