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17.04.2010 in Culture

We’ve been doing a lot of research for the trip and have enjoyed most of the reading and some video during our prep.  You all might enjoy these as well, and have a better sense of what we’ll be experiencing along our route if you…

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100 Days

15.04.2010 in Uncategorized

Seriously… ONE HUNDRED DAYS! We depart Goodwood, UK pointed east, roughly in the direction of Mongolia one hundred days from today. Where will you be one hundred days from today?

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Government Overthrown in Kyrgyzstan

08.04.2010 in Uncategorized

At least 74 protesters are reported dead and 400 injured in what might be a successful attempt to overthrow Kyrgyzstan’s President Bakiyev. And although we are not going through Kyrgyzstan, we are watching this situation very closely. Citizens, tired of quadrupling energy prices and suspecting…

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Real & Rhapsody Rock!

05.04.2010 in Uncategorized

Last week several co-workers at Rhapsody & Real Networks rallied a fund raising drive for Mercy Corps, and along with our employee charitable matching program raised $700! I was incredibly touched by their generosity and we’re now at 69% of our fund raising goal for…

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UN Secretary General Visits the Aral Sea

04.04.2010 in Uncategorized

I’m not sure if it is me or the news, but as we move closer to launch day, the political, environmental and economic issues surrounding the areas we’ll visit are becoming more prevalent to me.  The reality of this being much, much more than just…

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T-shirt Winners

02.04.2010 in Uncategorized

Congrats to Christina  and Tim, soon to be proud new owners of Baatar Hero’s swanky t-shirts, which they have won by the mere act of joining our Facebook group and mailing list! Don’t forget, you too may win such a choice prize: 1) Join our…

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Short Road Trip To Long Beach

25.03.2010 in Uncategorized

We’ve been working so hard these last few months, preparing for our trip to Mongolia… it can feel like a 2nd job at times, and as our 1st jobs are not exactly free of stress Kim and I were both starting to feel a little…

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Glenn Bell Rocks for Baatar Hero

24.03.2010 in Uncategorized

A big thank you to Glenn Bell and to all of those that came out to The Tractor in Ballard 3/23 to support him and Baatar Hero! As always, Glenn put on an awesome show doing several shout-outs promoting Baatar Hero’s mission.  Glenn generously donated…

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Glenn Bell Rocks

17.03.2010 in Uncategorized

Join us down at the Tractor Tavern next week to support our friend Glenn Bell!  Glenn has already helped out our team in numerous ways, and is generously donating the proceeds of CD sales from next week’s show to Baatar Hero.  We always have fun…

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Media Debut

19.02.2010 in Uncategorized

Baatar Hero made its media debut today on NorthWest Cable News! The whole team went down to the NorthWest Cable News studio this morning for our first interview with the press.  We had a little tour of the production suite and got ready in the…

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Happy Mongolian New Year

11.02.2010 in Culture

This Sunday marks Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian New Year.  To celebrate, our new friend and rally mechanic adviser, Muugi, from Seattle Mongols put together a traditional wrestling tournament at the nearby Bitter Lake Community Center last weekend.  With a little help from our friend Glenn…

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