The Treading Of Versailles

30 Mar 2000, by Kim in Culture, Locale

Yesterday’s “splorin” brought us upon the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame was truly amazing both inside and out, especially the view from the towers – c’est magnifique! We met Sacha and Michel at a small bar in the old artists’ quarter of Montmartre; they were so helpful by giving us the inside scoop on what to see in Paris. We walked around the artists’ quarter which seemed the essence of ol’ Paris! Today we tackled Versailles, got the rain right! (It is so cold!) The inside was everything royal for France’s Sun King while the outside – despite winter restoration – was simply grand. After our noses were completely frozen Brian suggested we go to a little café for some café au lait & crepes. Afterwards, we were warmed up enough to continue on to one of Louis XIV “small” garden homes. On the train ride back a musician played “It’s a Wonderful World” en Englais 🙂 We finished off our day with a “Tex Mex” dinner at a restaurant called Arizona… the French interpretation of Mexican food was pretty funny. On to the Louvre tomorrow…



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