Finding Web Bar

01.04.2000 in Culture, Locale

Yesterday we set off in search of an internet cafe to email home, but we couldn’t find it. We thought it was a place called “W3 Computer” but they just sold parts and said they didn’t know where “Web Bar” was (turns out it was…

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The Treading Of Versailles

30.03.2000 in Culture, Locale

Yesterday’s “splorin” brought us upon the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame was truly amazing both inside and out, especially the view from the towers – c’est magnifique! We met Sacha and Michel at a small bar in the old artists’ quarter of…

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Getting Lost In Paris

29.03.2000 in Culture, Locale

After about four hours of flight delays and a two hour shuttle ride with three different drivers, of which only one knew how to get around the city, we finally arrived at our hotel in the Jewish quarter of Paris last night at about 7:30….

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