Feeling Nostalgic

28 Oct 2009, by Brian in Uncategorized

Two years ago today, after three days of trekking through the Nepali wilderness, Kim and I took a spectacular mountain view flight from Pokhara back to Kathmandu for our last day in Nepal. CIMG1347

Looking back on that now, I remember of course the frustration we had with our guide, but it is far enough away and long enough ago that the trouble fades from my memory and I just feel nostalgic about the whole thing.  We’d just had this amazing two weeks in Tibet that left a huge imprint on both of us.  Followed by a challenging and beautiful trek through Nepal.  We had yet to experience the mysteries and obstacles that India would present to us. These were great times.

Despite our guide problems we were determined to see as much of Nepal as we could, leaving the airport in Kathmandu and barely dropping off our bags at the hotel before heading out again to visit the stunning Bodanath and Swayambunath Stupas before the sun went down.  The colors of the prayer flags and the monkeys scurrying about all over the place are what fill my memory now.


CIMG3982 CIMG3952

This is what I’m trying to keep in mind as we plan our next great adventure… there are a lot of obstacles standing between us now and Mongolia next summer. But there are going to be so many amazing memories too.  I can’t wait to create them.

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