Arizona And Utah

31 Aug 2009, by Brian in Uncategorized

We shouldn’t have expected less than a wedding ceremony on a stage from two entertainers.  My cousin, a professional magician, was married at the Wool Warehouse in Albuquerque where we had a great time at the reception afterward.  Congrats Danny & Stacey!

The following morning we departed Albuquerque early so we could get to the Grand Canyon before sunset and hike down Bright Angel Trail for a bit. We stopped at Meteor Crater on the way, but it was overpriced and a little underwhelming so we didn’t stop to look inside.  Because Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time instead of Mountain Daylight Time, we actually gained an hour and had plenty of time to hike down into the canyon and back during sunset.  We woke up really early again this morning to watch the sun rise and then started heading back north on our way home.  Air Pollution affects the Grand CanyonAll day today we thought it was much hazier (in the canyon, and all over Utah) than yesterday, and we were blaming the pollution blown in from Southern California (see pollution infographic from Grand Canyon)… well, turns out there are huge forest fires (some supposedly controlled burns) here in Utah that are quite the controversy on the news.  So it looks like California is off the hook… this time.

We made it to Salt Lake City where we are spending the night… With a little luck (the drivers in Utah are as bad as those in New Mexico) and lot of caffeine we should make it home tomorrow evening. I’m a little too exhausted to be creative right now, but really the photos speak for themselves, so I will let them:


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