Panoramic VR Test

15 Mar 2009, by Brian in Uncategorized

So I’m trying to figure out how to shoot panoramic VR. I slapped together a home made panoramic head with $17 in parts from Lowes and it looks like my panoramic stitches are coming out much better… although I kinda skipped past posting the stitched output and jumped ahead to experimenting with the VR stuff… I still have a lot of practicing to do. These test shots don’t have correct/consistent exposure and I didn’t capture the full field of view so there is stretching and some gaps… but it’s still kind of cool. I did this all with free software (Autostitch, GIMP, PanoCube/PTStitcher.exe):

Inside my kitchen, kind of dark, some gaps

Outside my house, didn’t capture enough of the sky so it came out vertically stretched



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