London Graffiti

18 Jul 2008, by Brian in Uncategorized

We arrived in London yesterday, being very graciously hosted by Louise whom we befriended on our trip to India last fall. She and her boyfriend, Tom, have a great flat just a few train stops from downtown which is very convenient. They’re going to show us around tomorrow (and we just got back from a great Thai dinner with them), but since they were both working today we went and did some of the touristy stuff on our own (Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, etc). All that was very nice, but right off the train at Waterloo station we caught a unique urban art show that you don’t see advertised in the tourist guides. We were trying to head towards the river and ended up in this tunnel that runs towards York Road and were treated to a ton of great graffiti, mostly stencil stuff very similar to Banksy. This area is apparently run/protected by an organization called Blank Expression and I couldn’t get enough snaps of this awesome work.

We saw several similar pieces in Valencia which I’ll post about when we get home… I already offloaded them from my memory card and onto my server, so they’re not easily Flickr-able at the moment.

These were all great but some of my favorites are the Fight Club Buddha, flying toasters which ask to be made famous on Flickr (I obliged), the Dalai Lama, and Barack Obama:

fight club buddha put me on flickr toasters dalai lama obama

See the whole London Graffiti set on Flickr and stay tuned for Valencia Graffiti coming soon…



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