Pueblos Blancos

15 Jul 2008, by Brian in Uncategorized

Pueblos Blancos
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The last few days have been pretty rough. We left Ronda driving through these picture perfect windy hills… and arrived in sleepy little Grazalema at the best little bed & breakfast ever. The couple that runs it out of their house are super nice and helpful (young too, like they inherited this place). There is a pool, nuff said right? We decided to stay here 2 nights before heading back out to Jerez.

Last night we had probably 2nd best meal of the trip (well 3rd counting the wedding which was amazing). Great local wine for only 1.50 € a glass… same for the sweet malaga dessert wine (fino instead of vino). Roasted pork cutlets w/apple sauce and ham & melon form Kim; I tried the spaghetti carbonara which I am usually very picky about… it was pretty good, don’t worry Mom, yours is still the best! We were already toasted by dessert when they gave us free shots of sherry to finish… the sherry had that anise flavor again and we realized that is what we tasted in the sangria in Seville before the bullfight.

Today we drove out to Zahara de la Sierra and hiked up to its medival castle, then drove back to the hotel for pool side lunch and siesta. The drive back was spectacular climbing up switchbacks to the top of this mountain at 1357 meters looking back *down* on the castle we’d hiked up to and the lake below.

We make an early start for Jerez de la Frontera tomorrow to hit up the sherry bodegas on our last full day in Spain. Then its back to London to visit friends for a few days before returning home.

Hasta Luego

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