Photo Update

21 Dec 2007, by Brian in Culture, Locale

Back home for over a month now, going out with friends, throwing holiday parties, taking the dog to the dog park, going back to work, and we still found time to work on documenting our trip. We were so glad to return home and put some of the challenges behind us, but already I’m starting to feel nostalgic about our trip… yes, even (maybe especially) about India! Going through all these photos has been bringing back powerful memories and feelings about the places we’ve been too… and if I see even a glimpse of the rugged Tibetan countryside in a photo or on a Discovery channel show, I’m instantly transported back to Lhasa.

Over the last month I have been able to get all our photos put up onto Flickr where I will be archiving the full resolution shots. I will keep the photo section on this site, and maybe with Flickr’s tools somehow integrate them (there are all sorts of cool plugins), but I also like Flickr because I can tag and organize the photos in all sorts of ways that make finding a particular shot much easier. For now I have links from each country’s set of photos on this site over to the full set on Flickr for China, Tibet, Nepal and India.¬† I will be adding more descriptions and tags in Flickr as fast as I can.

I’ve also been working on making composite panoramic and high dynamic range shots with varying results, but I’m really happy with the ones that have worked out!

I’m still working on the audio and video additions to the site and plan on adding a long post to summarize some of these additions and thoughts on the trip. So stay tuned and if I don’t post before the 31st, have a happy New Year!


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