Taking A Break In Seville

14 Apr 2000, by Brian in Culture, Locale

Sintra was so cool! If we ever go back to Portugal we’ll probably stay there instead of Lisbon. The town was really cool and the castle was amazing. I wasn’t feeling too great on Monday, but it was relaxing once we got to the castle on top of the mountain and could see all the way to the ocean. After the night train back to Madrid I was feeling better but Kim’s stomach started bothering her. Fortunately she wasn’t quite as sick as I had been but she was really uncomfortable in Seville. We left our favorite (not!) train station in Madrid and took Spain’s AVE bullet train to Seville. So far Seville is our favorite place on the trip. It is much cleaner and the people are very friendly. Since Kim wasn’t feeling too hot this was the perfect place to siesta for a few days… playing cards and catching some downtime.


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