Obama Bus Down To P-town

27.04.2008 in Locale, People

I’m an unlikely volunteer for the Democratic party. I was a Nader voter and a Deaniac, and often find myself to the left of the mainstream Democratic agenda. I did throw a Rock The Vote registration and benefit show with the help of some laptop…


Sowing Seeds With The Dalai Lama

14.04.2008 in Culture, People

It’s probably obvious from our posts about Tibet that Kim and I were both profoundly impacted by the landscape, people and culture we experienced on our journey through the Himalayas. What may not be as obvious is that we’ve long had a fascination with Tibet…

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Boarding At Baker

22.02.2008 in Locale, People

For the past several years we’ve been heading up to Whistler in Vancouver, B.C. to go skiing/snowboarding at one of the best mountains in North America. It’s almost always been worth it (well, except for the year I bought a 5 day Edge Pass and…

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Remembering Everest

11.01.2008 in Culture, Locale, People

I was a little surprised yesterday to receive an email requesting permission to use one of my photos for a “news” article! This request came via Flickr’s messaging system from another Flickr user claiming to represent a crowdsourced news organization that creates its stories from…

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Being Tattooed In Tibet

16.10.2007 in Culture, Locale, People

We have both mentioned a couple times about people’s interest in my tattoo while here so I thought I would just go into a little bit more detail about that. First, if you are reading and don’t know anything about my tattoo, it’s a work…


Leaving Lhasa

16.10.2007 in Culture, Locale, People, Savor

Kim did a wonderful job describing Lhasa but I also wanted to post my thoughts before commenting on the drive through the mountains… this post is going to be kind of long so don’t forget to click on Continue to read more after the jump.

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Chanting Monks In Shigatse

16.10.2007 in Culture, Locale, People

Today I was able to hear some monks chanting at the large monastery here in Shigatse. Unfortunately people were talking while I was recording (one Chinese woman was even chatting on her cell phone) but hopefully you can tune the talking out and enjoy the…

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Beautiful Lhasa

14.10.2007 in Culture, Locale, People

Lhasa…where do I begin? This is a bustling city boasting the most amazing monasteries, markets and of course the honored Potala Palace. The smell of yak butter candles permeates everywhere, pilgrims prostrate on the street beside you, people sing as they complete their errands (the…

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Intelligence And Sacrifice

01.11.2002 in Culture, Locale, People

I played guitar in a band for 4 years that was starting to become recognized in 2002 when we earned a spot on a Digital Hardcore Recordings compilation. When I lobbied Alec Empire (founder) to let us open for his solo tour in the UK…

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Going Dutch

05.06.2000 in Culture, Locale, People

The plane is beginning its descent to Sea-Tac and we are almost home. Our last week in Europe was spent enjoying the hospitality of friends in Holland. After our very last night train (and perhaps one of the worst) we met Willem in Rotterdam and…

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