July 2010

Passport In Hand

12.07.2010 in Uncategorized

All of our passports came back from the visa agency finally! Just in time for Tom and I to leave on Saturday. Picked up my IDP last week too.  Beautiful aren’t they? Totally ready for some multi-continental motoring adventure!

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Muugi Wins Plane Tickets!

10.07.2010 in Uncategorized

Baatar_Hero_F5_and_Muggi_01 Originally uploaded by autarken We are posting live from our final departure party before we all leave Seattle in the coming weeks. F5 Networks very generously provided two free round trip plane tickets from the US to Europe and we just held a drawing…

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Random Acts Of Kindness

09.07.2010 in Uncategorized

Random Acts Of Kindness Originally uploaded by autarken We are at a happy hour right now with fellow rally team Just A Steppe Away celebrating before we all leave and this super nice patron of the bar, Joan, just took an interest in our rally…

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The TerraPass Footprint

08.07.2010 in Uncategorized

Baatar Hero was just featured on TerraPass’ blog, The TerraPass Footprint! The write up explains a little bit about the Mongol Rally and details the multi-facted approach we are taking to reducing our impact, including carbon offsets, solar power, UV water purification, and sporting Keen‘s…

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Two New Sponsors

06.07.2010 in Uncategorized

We’re excited to add SatellitePhoneStore.com and Keen Footwear to our growing list of sponsors! When we are in the middle of nowhere we will be using a BGAN satellite terminal from SatellitePhoneStore.com to update our blog with exciting content.   This means you can follow our…

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We’re Rich!

02.07.2010 in Culture

tugrik Originally uploaded by autarken Well, rich in our friends and experiences that is. We’ve been lucky enough to befriend a former rallier, Chatham, from last year’s rally who lives in Seattle, and he kindly donated some of his Mongolian tugrik to us… then Joe…

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