Two New Sponsors

06 Jul 2010, by Brian in Uncategorized

We’re excited to add and Keen Footwear to our growing list of sponsors!

When we are in the middle of nowhere we will be using a BGAN satellite terminal from to update our blog with exciting content.   This means you can follow our misadventures no matter how far off the beaten track we go.

Keen Footwear are kindly providing us with foot protection for the offroads and noroads of Central Asia. We love that they encourage everyone to create, play, and care…as a way of life, they call it HybridLife. Keen focuses on the environment, community and growth. Special emphasis is placed on sustainable product development, strategic sourcing options, impactful community outreach, and a progressive work environment.  Oh yeah, they also make awesome shoes.  Our car won’t have 4-wheel drive, but our feet will!



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