Tope Is A Four Letter Word

08.11.2015 in Culture, Locale

Having survived Hurricane Patricia, or, at least all the fuss surrounding her, we caravanned back to Puerto Vallarta with Ernesto and Taisa, taking a slightly different route via San Blas where we stopped for lunch, and stopping in Sayulita once again on the way for…

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Fleeing Puerto Vallarta

Long Winded Story… This Weather Blows

25.10.2015 in Locale, People

With revived spirits, having just made new friends, we were a little sad to leave Ernesto and Taisa behind to replace one of their spare tires in Mazatlan as we immediately made our way south from the ferry terminal, but we had close friends from…

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Baja – Vino & Vientos

16.10.2015 in Locale, People, Savor

Finally crossing our first international border made us feel like the trip was really starting.  At a friend’s suggestion we crossed at Tecate in order to hit the Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region.  Admittedly, I’m a bit of a wine snob, palate-wise, but I…

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Yucatan Adventure

05.09.2005 in Culture, Locale

Four years after we got married Kim and I returned to the Caribbean to see Mayan ruins… our side trip to Havana would show us more ruins, but of the 20th century in disrepair variety.  First we circled the Yucatan peninsula from flat beaches through…

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