Lake Cities In Rajasthan

08.11.2007 in Culture, Locale

Udaipur was a really great change of pace from Jodhpur. The lake was easily within walking distance from our hotel and as we approached monkeys ran across the road in front of us and camels and elephants were being ridden in the streets as tourist…

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Wandering In The Desert

06.11.2007 in Culture, Locale

After our last post and a good night’s sleep we set out to see Jaisalmer for the day. The fort is expansive, full of winding alleys where you can easily get lost, but every street seemed to lead back to our hotel anyway. The shop…

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(Not) So Close To Home

31.10.2007 in Culture, Locale

We felt a great sense of relief as we were dropped off at Tribhuvan “International” airport by our Nepali guide and were back on our own and on our way to Delhi. I put international in quotes because this airport isn’t a hub that is…

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Namaste, Welcome to Nepal

29.10.2007 in Culture, Locale

As quickly as we descended from Everest base camp (5200 meters) to Zhang Mu (2500 meters) in a day, we found ourselves nearly at sea level in about another day. The shock of crossing the border from China into Nepal was just about as drastic….

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Off The Grid

21.10.2007 in Culture, Locale

We are now in Kathmandu, Nepal and have a ton of great photos and interesting stories to tell, but we have limited time and may not be able to get onto the internet for a few days as we are flying off into the jungle…

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Some Final Thoughts On Tibet

20.10.2007 in Culture, Locale

So we have just descended from the cold, arid altitude of the Tibetan plateau to the warm, humid lowlands of Nepal and I will follow up with a post about the whole border crossing from Zhang Mu into Nepal, but I wanted to just post…

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Last Stop In Tibet

19.10.2007 in Culture, Locale

We woke up today at the foot of Mt. Everest (Qomolangma in Tibetan, mother of all mountains) after an amazing couple of days. We are still in our Land Cruisers and the road up to Everest was pretty crazy, but the road down has been…

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Being Tattooed In Tibet

16.10.2007 in Culture, Locale, People

We have both mentioned a couple times about people’s interest in my tattoo while here so I thought I would just go into a little bit more detail about that. First, if you are reading and don’t know anything about my tattoo, it’s a work…


Leaving Lhasa

16.10.2007 in Culture, Locale, People, Savor

Kim did a wonderful job describing Lhasa but I also wanted to post my thoughts before commenting on the drive through the mountains… this post is going to be kind of long so don’t forget to click on Continue to read more after the jump.

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Chanting Monks In Shigatse

16.10.2007 in Culture, Locale, People

Today I was able to hear some monks chanting at the large monastery here in Shigatse. Unfortunately people were talking while I was recording (one Chinese woman was even chatting on her cell phone) but hopefully you can tune the talking out and enjoy the…

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