Best Job In The World?

08 Feb 2009, by Brian in Uncategorized

Given the state of the economy, we are very fortunate to both have good jobs, not just keeping us employed, but working on rewarding projects that provide great satisfaction.  That said, how cool would it be to be paid to indulge in our passion for traveling? Too cool, that’s how cool! So of course I had to submit an entry for The Best Job In The World.

Kim and I have started thinking about where our next trip should be, and there is a strong draw pulling us back towards Asia (we are fascinated with Mongolia), but maybe you can vote for us here, and convince us to promote tourism in Queesland, Australia first.  I figure it’s a long shot, but if we get enough votes it could earn a wild card spot to the interview stage for this great opportunity. We need to make our first trip below the equator, so vote for us now!




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