July 2008

La Sagrada Familia – Wow!

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La Sagrada Familia – Wow! Originally uploaded by autarken We are @ La Sagrada Familia, our first stop in Barcelona… this camera phone pic can’t really do justice, you’ll have to wait for me to get back home to autostitch with hi rez. — mobile…

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Leaving Valencia

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IMG00311.jpg Originally uploaded by autarken Decided to take snaps of every airport we’re leaving on this trip… here is our Spanair flight out of Valencia to Barcelona. — mobile mail sent via phone

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Live From The Field

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Last few days have been exciting and exhausting. We’ve been promised they don’t party like this all the time, but Valencianos in particular have a reputation for fiesta that they haven’t disproven since we’ve been here. After pigging out on paella we roasted in the…


Wedding In Valencia

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Wedding In Valencia Originally uploaded by autarken I just finished uploading photos from my phone (gprs slow here in Picassent) from the wedding… more and better quality pics from our cameras to follow when we get a chance (maybe not til we get home, we’ll…

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Llegamos en Valencia

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Llegamos en Valencia Originally uploaded by autarken Finally, feels like vacation. We arrived in Valencia this morning, were picked up by Ernesto, then grabbed Emily and Jean @ their hotel, taken to an horchateria and given a tour of Valencia. After meeting Ernesto’s whole family…

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Another Day Another Airport

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Another Day Another Airport Originally uploaded by autarken After catching a few hours of sleep last night we are on our way again, this time @ Gatwick airport in London… destination: Valencia, Spain. Our EasyJet plane is so cute! — mobile mail sent via phone

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Hurry Up And Wait

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Of course it was a mad dash home… pick up the dog… prepare the travel docs we’d put off to the last minute… shower/shave… oh yeah, pack! We made good time to the airport though. Almost too good, and now we have time to kill…

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