Naadam In Seattle

16 Jul 2010, by Brian in Culture

Every July 10th/11th Mongolians celebrate Naadam, a Mongolian Olympics of sorts.  Naadam is a celebration of the 3 “manly” sports and the military traditions they represent: archery, horseback racing, and wrestling. Tom, Jean and I were joined by some friends out in Redmond’s Farrel McWhirter park last Sunday to check out the competition.  When we were originally planning our trip to Mongolia I was really looking forward to Naadam, but the rally schedule obviously has us leaving after it’s over, so it was a treat to experience the event at home before we depart.

naadam_01 naadam_02 naadam_03

We didn’t see any archery or horseback racing… but we think Muugi’s son pictured above is just about old enough to be a champion racer.  Seriously, little kids just a little older than he is do compete in horse racing… and win.  Just ask our friend Urtaa, he was a champion racer at 5 years old! It was great to see Muugi and Urtaa one last time before Tom and I fly off to London (tomorrow!!).

  • Kim Starr Reply

    Love that Muugi was sporting his Baatar Hero t-shirt! Awesome!


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