Finding Web Bar

01 Apr 2000, by Brian in Culture, Locale

Yesterday we set off in search of an internet cafe to email home, but we couldn’t find it. We thought it was a place called “W3 Computer” but they just sold parts and said they didn’t know where “Web Bar” was (turns out it was only a few blocks away). We decided to see the nearby Picasso museum on our way to the Louvre. It was right by our hotel and near to where we were searching for “Web Bar” so it was ideal. The Picasso museum and Louvre were both tres magnifique! We couldn’t finish the Louvre so we’re going back today. We finally found Web Bar after dinner and sent home some email. It was really cool! There was a DJ spinning while they showed music videos on big flat screens and a projection system. We sipped piña coladas, sent email and surfed the web a bit. As we were leaving Fear Factory was playing on MTV Europe on the flat screens!



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